Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Year End Series 2015

PS The Year Ahead, 2016


Jean-Claude Juncker, President, European Commission (Confirmed)Whither Europe?

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan (Confirmed)Asia’s Security Challenges

Francis Fukuyama, Professor, Stanford University (Confirmed)The Chinese Challenge

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Foreign Minister of Germany (Confirmed)Unifying the Struggle Against ISIS

Michael McFaul, former US Ambassador to Russia, Stanford historian (Confirmed)Putin Goes Rogue

George Soros, financier and philanthropist (Confirmed)The Migration Crisis

Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister (Confirmed)Defeating Islamic Extremism

Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General (Confirmed)The End of Sanctions


Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate (Confirmed)The Year in Review

Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance, India (Confirmed)India Looks Out

Raghuram Rajan, Governor, Reserve Bank of India (Confirmed)Rewriting the Rules of Global Finance

Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director (Confirmed)Unshackling Growth

Justin Yifu Lin, former World Bank Chief Economist (Confirmed)Is China Failing?

Angus Deaton, 2015 Nobel laureate in economics (Confirmed)tbd

Emmanuel Macron, French Minister of the Economy (Confirmed)tbd

Gita Gopinath, Professor of Economics, Harvard (Confirmed)Modi’s Wasted Year

Shang-Jin Wei, Chief Economist, Asian Development Bank (Confirmed)Asia and a Slowing China

Jin Liqun, Founding President, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Confirmed)Building the Asian Market

Kaushik Basu, World Bank Chief Economist (Confirmed)The World Economy's Labor Pains

Society and Culture

Ellen R. Stofan, Chief Scientist, NASA (Confirmed)Journey to Mars

Michael Sandel, Professor of Political Philosophy, Harvard (Confirmed) – A Very Corrupt Year

Robert O. Paxton, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, author of Anatomy of Fascism (Confirmed)Is Fascism Back?

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