Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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The Middle East Exchange series

Arabs were once the world’s leaders in science and mathematics and made countless contributions in the arts and philosophy. After almost three-quarters of a century of reliance on natural resources and dirigiste economic policies, many Arab governments are now re-embracing this tradition, pursuing a development agenda focused on economic diversification, improved education and health-care systems, and private-sector-led growth.

Yet most of this solutions-oriented agenda – in particular its emerging successes – is hidden from the world, which remains fixated on the old stereotype of Arab societies as insular, inertial, and with economies skewed toward resource production. Add to this the rise of ISIS, regional conflict, and growing instability, and it is abundantly clear that now, more than ever, Arabs across the Middle East need to participate more broadly in global debates about their changing social and economic circumstances. Without greater public understanding and support of the new ideas now being implemented to confront the region’s urgent challenges, today’s promising development strategies may stall.

Project Syndicate’s weekly seriesThe Middle East Exchangeshines a global spotlight on the emerging policies that promise viable solutions to the region’s most pressing problems. Featuring original, exclusive commentaries by political leaders, strategists, policymakers, economists, and scientists, The Middle East Exchange helps to frame and stimulate regional and global debate on the social, economic, and political issues shaping Arab societies.

 Each week, The Middle East Exchangeaddresses topics relevant to the broad spectrum of challenges – financial, environmental, health, and demographic, among others – that these societies now confront. Shouldn’t your readers be enlightened, not frightened, about the latest developments in the Arab world?

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