Monday, November 20, 2017

China World

Can China’s boom continue indefinitely? Which concepts and principles shape Chinese foreign policy? How can China’s avoid a looming demographic nightmare? Will China seek hegemony in Asia, or will it participate in shaping a balanced regional order?

As China continues its rise, its impact is being felt everywhere, with its economy a major factor in world trade and its modernized People’s Liberation Army a source of mounting concern to its neighbors. China’s appetite for cars, computers, and other goods promises to spawn both the world’s biggest market, and to endanger the global environment.

The mystery of China – its millennia of history, its multifaceted society, its political uncertainties – is proverbial. How do its traditional values influence its current behavior? Are mainland China and Taiwan headed for greater antagonism or eventual re-unification? Will Hong Kong remain a vibrant and independent entity within China, or will the nation’s vast bureaucracy strangle the city’s dynamism?

And what about China beyond its borders? Singapore is also a “Chinese” state, and the vast Chinese diaspora throughout Asia and America is a growing cultural, economic, and political force in its own right. How important is that force for China’s economic success?

As the world increasingly engages with China, Project Syndicate helps your readers understand the country like no one else. Every month in China World, readers hear directly from China’s most influential voices.  Past commentators have included Pan Yue, Vice-Minister of the State Environmental Protection Administration; leading foreign policy strategists Yan Xuetong and Zhu Feng;, and Yao Yang  and Yiping Huang, two of China’s leading reform-minded economists. Leading regime opponents, including Zhang Wei, a former adviser to Deng Xiaoping and the dissident novelist Ma Jian also contribute.

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